Design business cards and stationery.

We've prepared a set of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that many of our customers have asked - with appropriate answers. Please contact us for any other questions you might have.

How long after ordering can I expect to receive my cards?

Usually your cards will be shipped within 4 business days after ordering. We ship via UPS ground. To determine how long shipping will take please visit the UPS website at, click on transit times and enter Deer Park, 11729 as the origin and your information in the destination fields.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the printing processes we cannot offer refunds. However, If we make an error during the printing process we will reprint and ship your cards free of charge. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for typos. Please proofread your business card, letterhead, or envelope carefully before purchasing.

I uploaded my logo, but I cannot see it on the preview screen.

After you upload your logo you will not be able to see it on the preview screen. After your cards are ordered we will send you a proof through email. You may change the size or positioning of the logo as many times as you wish before we print your business stationery.

After I ordered I realized I made a mistake on my business card, letterhead or envelope. Can my mistake be corrected ?

This depends on how far into the printing process we are when we receive the request. If your cards have not been printed we would be happy to correct the card for you for a small $10 fee. We cannot correct the error if your cards have already been printed.

When creating my business cards not all colors are available on all paper stocks, why is this?

Through our experience some colors naturally do not look good on certain business card stock. These colors have been removed and we will not print colors other then the ones that are available because it is likely that you will be disappointed when you receive the cards.

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