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How much is it worth to you to make sure your business card stays in front of a potential client?

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How much is it worth to you to have that client see your business card several times each month?

If your livelihood involves sales, you likely already have a business card. But, do you ever wonder where most of your business cards end up? Are they on someone's dresser, in a desk drawer, in a washing machine, in a wastebasket, or long gone?

A business card that is also a Prepaid Long Distance Calling Card will do much more for you than an ordinary business card. 30 Minutes of free long distance calling is a value to your client and re-enforces the value in your relationship.

A low, flat, simple recharge rate of 4 (with no hidden fees) means that your client will very likely recharge and continue to use your card.

Without a doubt, it's a very effective way to keep your name in front of your client.

Our pricing is as follows:

Free shipping is included with all calling card purchases.

Limited time offer Buy 5000 cards, get 1000 cards free of charge (a $1050.00 value)

Our Calling cards:

Currently these cannot be ordered online, to order please contact us.

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